Family-Friendly D&D Miniatures - Part 2

So, the kids wanted to try playing D&D with miniatures. Our oldest is in his teens, but our youngest players are still in third grade. In an effort to keep the games family-friendly, we started looking for game tokens in our extensive collection of board games. We settled on using the Dora the Explorer figures from our Candy Land board game. This got me thinking, there have to be some suitable alternative toys that could be used as D&D mini’s.

After some surfing on Amazon and consulting with our board of experts (our kids), we created a short list of family-friendly alternatives to Dungeons & Dragons miniatures. We are still playtesting with some of these, so I will update this post as we find new options.

Lego Dragons
From the Creator 3in1 Mythical Creatures kit to the Ninjago sets, there are plenty of fantasy and castle themed Lego sets to get your D&D game going with miniatures. Given the popularity of Legos, it is a good bet that you already have some characters and enough bricks to build an adventure set. 

Harry Potter Legos
The Harry Potter Lego castle and figures is a favorite at our house. It is very expensive for a kid’s toy. I know I almost choked when I saw the price tag. Thank goodness we have grandparents. The thing our kids liked most about using the Harry Potter lego sets was that they were playing characters they have grown up with. They understand the characters and we go beyond the movies and books to create new adventures for these beloved characters.

How to Train Your Dragons Figures
If your kids have not already seen the movies and cartoon series How to Train Your Dragon, you must have just arrived from another planet. Like with the Harry Potter play sets, using these character figures allows you to play D&D with a ready-made world and the kids can experience all of the characters’ untold adventures.

Super Monsters Figures
The Netflix series Super Monsters now has a line of toys you can buy. Your youngest players will likely already have a favorite character and the will jump at the opportunity to play them in any adventure you cook up. 

Papo Fantasy World Figures
Papo makes a great line of pre-painted toys that include many animals, monsters and monstrous humanoids. The boys at our table were super psyched about these toys. Our youngest daughter really liked the Papo Medieval Queen.

Minecraft Toys and Figures
Minecraft toys seem to bridge both the gender and age gaps at our table. The large number of figures available made it easy for each player to get a unique character. The various animal and monster sets made it easy to put together NPS and combat encounters.

Troll Hunters Toys
If you have not already watched Troll Hunters with your kids, now might be a good time to hop on Netflix. Our kids love the entire series and the spinoff too. Like with other sets based on popular TV, movies, and books these Troll Hunters figures were a big hit with the kids. I got one complaint from the girls right away because there are not enough female character figures.

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