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A Single Feather

A Single Feather A family-friendly adventure for characters 1st to 4th levels This adventure is intended for up to 4 characters of 1st to 4th level. This adventure relies on role play, exploration, problem-solving and a skill challenge. There is the opportunity for combat at several stages of the adventure.

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BBEG – Big Bad Evil Guy

BBEG: Big Bad Evil Guy Creation Making a compelling and memorable villain can be difficult, especially when DMing for younger players. Let’s take a few minutes to build a BBEG so you can see how it works.  The Dungeon Master’s Guide provides some quick NPC creation tables for you to

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Dungeon Crawls and Exploration in D&D 5e

Dungeon Crawls and Exploration in D&D 5e This is going to be a short how-to post on how to DM mega dungeons and wilderness exploration. I have participated as both a player and a DM in many dungeon crawls and wilderness exploration adventures. Many of them have been horrible slog

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Simplifying Dungeons & Dragons

Simplifying Dungeons & Dragons So, you watched a bunch of videos on YouTube and now you are even more confused than ever about how Dungeons & Dragons works. You feel like you have to memorize over a thousand pages of rules and then there is all of the roleplaying, world

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Homebrew Items: Ring of Wishes

D&D Homebrew Items: Ring of Wishes (Cursed) Rare Item, requires attunement. This ring of wishes does not use charges, it is powered by the life force of the user. The act of casting the first wish attunes this ring to the user, bonding it to the user for life. Only

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Tracking Initiative

Tracking Initiative in Dungeons & Dragons So, you watched a bunch of videos on YouTube and found lots of really complicated ways to track initiative in Dungeons & Dragons. Many of them require buying some plastic flag pole or printing character mini-sheets to hang on your DM screen. Others methods

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Role Playing With Kids

My wife and I have two kids of our own and we regularly invite their friends and neighborhood kids to play at our home. When it comes to roll playing games (RPGs) like Dungeons & Dragons, our kids could not be more different, but engaging them both in the game is very important…

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Get Started Here

Most kids will jump at the opportunity to “play pretend” with their parents, siblings and friends. Dungeons and Dragons provides a framework, a ready made world and a lot of fuel for the imagination. The challenge for both parents and children are the huge volumes filled with rules and charts. That is where DMing Dad can help.

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Family Friendly Modules

I understand how difficult it is to wade through the official Dungeons & Dragons published adventure modules looking for kid appropriate content. For the most part, I either use the maps and throw out the adventure text entirely or substantially rewrite their content… Read more…