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Christmas tree in a castle courtyard

Holliday Adventure

A Christmas Themed, Family-Friendly D&D Adventure This adventure is intended for up to 1 to 5 characters of 1st to 15th level. This adventure relies heavily on exploration, role-playing, and problem-solving and has several opportunities for combat. This is a dungeon exploration quest.  Numerous random encounters are available in addition

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Kid Friendly D&D Adventures

What if I told you that a 6-year-old could learn to play Dungeons and Dragons? Before we get into how, let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions about kids and D&D. Is there a kid version of Dungeons and Dragons?Yes. DMingDad has developed a kids’ version of

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Kids turned to stone by cockatrice.

Thanksgiving Adventure

It’s a Turky Hunt! Kind of… The fall harvest festival is in full swing. Unfortunately, the annual Cockitrice migration has shifted from its normal course and several towns and farms are in their path. Normally a Cockatrice bite wouldn’t be such a bad thing, just 24 hours of being petrified.

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D&D Halloween Adventure with Vampires and Werewolves.

Halloween D&D Adventure

The Hook: Word has reached you from a nearby village that the new owner of the keep is a vampire and the castle grounds are guarded by werewolves. The next full moon is only three days away and the village elders fear things may get ulgy. The mayor promises 100

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Homebrew Magic Item: bottomless bag of food

Bottomless Bag of Food

This item appears as a simple brown paper bag, lunch box, leather pouch, or container of similar design. The Bottomless bag of food can produce enough food to feed 10 people 3 meals per day. The type and quality of food vary based on the rarity of the item. Bottomless

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Labor Day D&D Adventure: Gold Digger

Labor Day Adventure: Gold Digger

This Labor Day themed adventure is for the older kids… The Hook: Stopping at the Frogsmead Inn & Tavern for some well-earned rest, you find the main room full of tables, but no guests. Seeing you enter, a heavy-set dwarven woman behind the bar welcomes you with a drink and

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Role Playing With Kids

My wife and I have two kids of our own and we regularly invite their friends and neighborhood kids to play at our home. When it comes to roll playing games (RPGs) like Dungeons & Dragons, our kids could not be more different, but engaging them both in the game is very important…

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Get Started Here

Most kids will jump at the opportunity to “play pretend” with their parents, siblings and friends. Dungeons and Dragons provides a framework, a ready made world and a lot of fuel for the imagination. The challenge for both parents and children are the huge volumes filled with rules and charts. That is where DMing Dad can help.

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Family Friendly Modules

I understand how difficult it is to wade through the official Dungeons & Dragons published adventure modules looking for kid appropriate content. For the most part, I either use the maps and throw out the adventure text entirely or substantially rewrite their content… Read more…


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