Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheets

The official Dungeons & Dragons character sheet is in PDF format and can be filled out, saved and printed. The official character sheet can be daunting for young and first time players.

For young players and DM’s looking for a character crib sheet, Webb Pickersgill’s character tent is a great alternative.

If you are looking for a fully custom, fun character sheet, DNDforDads offers a custom design service that is not too expensive.

For my games, I prefer to use OrcPub2.com to create and save characters. OrdPub will walk you through the character creation process and produce the same official Dungeons & Dragons editable PDF character sheet for you too.

DMing Dad Tip: When it comes to my young players, I keep the character sheets and let them know what skills and powers their characters have. When it comes time for skill checks, I will tell them something like, “If you want to jump, grab the rope and swing to safety, that is going to be hard, so you would normally need to roll a 15 on the 20 sided die, but you get a bonus because of your dexterity, so you only need to roll a 12.”

How to Create a Character

Creating a new character can be very daunting and complicate for new players. Check our New to Dungeons & Dragons posts for more on that process.

In the meantime, here is a video from DawnForgedCast that may help get you started.

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Getting Started

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