Campaign Diary Part 22

The Ruins of Alderwach, Session 2

In this session, we focused on the half of the party that had run deeper into the dungeon: Foodie, Brilgar, and Lilith (the kids). The other players are scheduled for Session Three (the grown-ups).

After waiting for several tense minutes, spells prepared and actions readied, the band of heroes realized that there was no army of cultists after them. An arcana check later, they realized that there must be some powerful illusion meant to protect the chamber below.

Now at the end of the hall, the party could see the massive rods that were channeling the lay energy from the collector on top of the mountain down into this chamber.

A few investigation checks and a lot of lightning damage later, the characters realize that they need to move a set of statues into alcoves and close the doors to shut down the lightning being channeled deeper into the dungeon. Many bottles of healing potions and a few cure wounds later, the party managed to get all the statues stored away and they made their way deeper into the dungeon using the door in the northeast of the main hall.

Down several flights of stairs, the party found themselves in the storage room. As Brilgar starts to raid the shelves, they realize that the room has another time bubble trap. A quickly cast dispel magic keeps them from getting stuck in it.

Foodie, against his own better judgment, decides to try running to the other side of the room, where the underground river flows through the end of the room. Twenty feet from the river’s edge, he is stuck in a time bubble… 1 second per hour.

The other members of the team decide to take a short rest and watch Foodie in super slow motion. That is were we call it a day. 


*NOTE: I am dyslexic and these notes are handwritten. I know there are spelling and grammar issues. All of these notes came straight out of my head and onto paper. Don’t email me with complaints or polite comments/corrections. 

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