Campaign Diary Part 21

The Ruins of Alderwach, Session 1

After arriving and making their way up the mountain to the entrance, our band of intrepid heroes faced a series of magical traps (glyphs of warding). After some trial and error, the party found that the glyphs were set to go off on anyone that was not an Elf. So, Dhasia the elf pulled the old “stuff everyone in a portable hole” trick and strolled up the northern hall.

With all of the party back out of the portable hole, they entered into the first room on the right where they had their first combat encounter with a 13th level wizard. Four combat rounds later the party’s Kobold wizard, Brilgar, ended the encounter by polymorphing the enemy spellcaster into a turtle. Pure Wonder, the Tabaxi, did the honors of discus hurling the turtle off the cliff at the entrance, into a time trap, which they avoided on the way up the mountain. Lilith, the young gold dragon in human form, cast a feather fall on the turtle and the party watched it slowly descend into the time bubble. 

Returning north, the party entered the great hall, which coursed with magical energy and lighting. Bolts of lea energy arched down the hall from one column to the next. Foodie, the halfling cleric, tried to walk down the hall only to suffer a huge hit from the lightning arc. Depleted of hit points, but strangely full up on spell slots, he used cure wounds on himself.

And that is when the party found out that all magic was doubled in power, duration, range within this hall. The arcs of lightning were our magical energy being channeled into some form of magical artifact.

Foodie managed to figure out, with a few unfortunate zaps, that he could duck down and stay close to the wall to avoid the lightning.

Halfway down the hall, Foodie encountered the 60′ wall of glass looking down into the chamber of illusions. In the cave below he saw a huge gathering of cultist guards. As he stood starring down, one of the guards spotted him and alerted the others. In seconds, guards were spilling out of the room through the doors on the east and west of the chamber. Shouts of “Death to the intruders” could be heard through the glass.

Half the party raced deeper into the great hall and the other half retreated back toward the entrance.

This session was 3 hours with snacks and drink breaks.3


*NOTE: I am dyslexic and these notes are handwritten. I know there are spelling and grammar issues. All of these notes came straight out of my head and onto paper. Please don’t email me with complaints or corrections. 

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