What? No Father’s Day Adventure?

Well, it’s Father’s Day and I don’t have an adventure for you this week. After all, I am a dad and I am enjoying my day off too. If you are looking for a good adventure to run for your dad, here are a couple of good plot hooks that you can use to get his day of hack and slash started.

Timmy's In the Well

Little Timmy heard some strange singing coming from the well and went to investigate. He hasn’t come back yet. It’s dad to the rescue! Here is a great encounter by the guys over at Nerdarchy to get you going…


Family Bonding Day...

If you haven’t ripped off watched a Gravity Falls episode to get inspiration for a D&D adventure, you are missing out on some great content. 

Dipper and Mabel hear rumours that a sea monster lives at the bottom of the local lake, and enlist Soos to take them out on a boat to see if the monster really exists.

Gold Digger

by DMingMom

It’s getting late and dad hasn’t come home from his hunting/fishing trip. When dad misses dinner for the first time ever, Mom knows something is wrong. She and the kids set out on a search to find Dad.

After visiting a couple of neighbors, you find that several dads are missing. A stop at the local tavern turns up the vital clues you need. The tavern keeper, a local widow, has charmed the men into helping her mine gold from a cave she discovered when the floor of her basement collapsed. She is using a charm spell to keep the men mining.

Can your group find the missing dads and save them before the mine collapses?

Bear Hugs

by Lilith Higheth (DMingDaughter)

The father’s day gift you have been working on for the last three months is missing. You don’t want to say it was stolen, but it really seems like it might have been. Following instructions you found in a book you purchased from the library sale, you have been sewing a giant teddy bear for your dad. Last night you finished the last of the embroidery just before bed. This morning you woke to find the bear was gone and your window was wide open.

The unique thread and embroidered pattern is actually a magic spell to create a teddy bear golem. Now it is on the loose and you have to track it down, bring it home and figure out how to control it… all before dinner.

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