The Princess and the Dragon

Another adventure that turns the typical fairytale trope on its head, this adventure can be adapted for any age group or character level.

Local villagers report that a tower has appeared just off the road, in the forest north of town. Every night a woman can be heard singing a haunting melody from the top of the tower. Villagers that have approached the tower tell tales of a giant dragon that sleeps, curled around the base of the tower. Fearing for the young maiden at the top of the tower, the villagers have sent out a call for local heroes to come and save the princess at the top of the tower.

The maiden at the top of the tower is actually an evil sorceress that has trapped a gold dragon and is using it to attract local heroes. She has pulled this con many times and collected a considerable treasure of gold, armor, weapons and magic item. Observant characters will notice that the dragon is actually chained by the neck to the tower. The chain and collar are magical and prevent the dragon from using any of its powers. The sorceress uses her considerable powers to attack anyone that looks like they may have anything of value.

The tower is magical and can teleport to any location within 100 miles of its current location once per lunar cycle. The sorceress discovered the tower in the ruins of a magical city that fell from the sky many years ago. Since then, she has used it to travel the world.

The dragon is a gold dragon that is controlled by the sorceress by means of a staff of gold dragon control. Should the party rescue it from the sorceress’ control, it will be very grateful and offer the adventurer(s) a choice of rewards. The dragon has a huge treasure horde that it was able to keep secret from the sorceress. The dragon will offer to allow the adventurer(s) the choice of all of the treasure they can cary with their own two hands, an amulet that allows them to summon the dragon to aid them one time, or the secret to controlling the magic tower. Regardless of what the characters’ choose the dragon will insist that the staff of dragon control be destroyed or given to him/her for safe keeping.

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