Osver College of Acquisitions

Acquiring the unique skills needed for locating and retrieving exotic and rare treasure can be difficult in a civilized society. Nevertheless, intrepid adventurers that wish to seek fame and fortune will find experienced acquisitions experts at Osver’s College of Acquisitions.

Osver College specializes in acrobatics, athletics, locksmithing, escape & evasion, games of fortune, social engineering, and the proper application of antisocial skills.

Work Study At a College of Acquisitions

“Learn by Doing” is the Osver’s motto. Osver, the founder of the college worked diligently with several of his adventuring companions to clear an ancient citadel with an extensive set of dungeons. Now he and the other instructors at the college use the facility to house and train students.

After passing the initial training phase, students are paired up with adventuring parties and students from other disciplines at the University to assist with a missions to retrieve treasure, infiltrate facilities and investigate mysteries. All work-study students receive a full share of acquisition contracts, less referral fees, tuition, room & board costs.  

Freelancing Opportunities

Osver College supports entrepreneurs and actively encourages students and faculty to “moonlight” whenever possible.  Patrons and those seeking assistance with recovering lost artifacts are welcome to post “help-wanted” ads on the job board, for a small fee of course. The college also has a placement office that will act as a talent agent and order fulfilment agent, again, for a fee. 

Lightening Your Load

The week of each solstis, the college hosts a market where students, teachers and merchants buy, sell and trade their goods in the large field outside of the main entrance of the citadel. You can expect to find a wide variety of goods and treasures available for ready money.

Watch your purses. The management is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. 

Getting Started

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