Oslanann College of the Bard
at Alestria University of Adventuring

Inspiring others through stirring words and music requires raw talent honed by training. At Oslanann’s College of the Bard, students learn to shape magic as well as opinion. True bards are rare in the world. Not every minstrel, jester or town cryer is cutout to be a bard. If you feel the calling of road and a yearning to learn the lore and story of your world, you may find your path leads through Oslanann’s College of the Bard.

Work Study At the College of Bards

There is no better way to lean the noble bardic arts than to hit the road with a master. Go on an epic walkabout, learning and practicing your arts while serving the seven realms by spreading news and good will everywhere you go. Bards studying at Oslanann’s perform regularly at events, stadiums, courts, taverns and inns throughout the kingdoms.

Freelancing Opportunities

Once you have learned the basic skills of your trade, Oslanann’s College of the Bard will recommend you for various jobs and adventures. From simple singing gigs to attending official state functions and authoring epic ballads,  you will have the opportunity to earn spare coins, build your reputation and improve your skills while experiencing all that the world has to offer.


Twice a year, Oslanann hosts the epic Bardicpalloza where bards from around the world are invited to perform and compete to see who is the best bard. This five day festival is open to the public and always draws thousands of revelers. Many an epic tale has been told about Bardicpalloza, and a few of them are even true. 

Getting Started

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