How to Tame A Dragon: Session 2

After a fierce dragon attack on the Town of Derrikian, the players find themselves embarking on a perilous journey in search of an injured dragon that fled the battle. In this session, the players will have to make a crucial decision: to help, kill, or report the injured dragon. Their choice will determine their path and the potential for an unexpected alliance with a magnificent creature.

The players must explore the isle of Derrik, locate the injured dragon hidden in the forest, and make a decision about its fate. They have the opportunity to establish trust with the dragon and potentially form a bond that could lead to an extraordinary partnership.

Key Events:

  1. Exploring the Isle of Derrik
    This is the exploration phase of the adventure. Take the time to allow the players to discover the island and a sampling of its secrets. See the description section for some narrative descriptions.

  2. Discovering the Injured Dragon:

    • The players stumble upon a hidden grove deep within the forest, where they find the injured dragon.
    • The dragon is weak, wounded, and in need of assistance. Its presence evokes a mix of fear and fascination among the players.
  3. The Choice:
    This is a good place for the players to engage in some roleplaying. Encourage them to interact with one another in character. Guide the conversation with the following in mind.

    The players must decide whether to help, kill, or report the injured dragon to the village.

    • Helping the Dragon: If they choose to aid the dragon, they embark on a quest to gather healing herbs, locate a wise sage, or find an ancient artifact that can restore the dragon’s health.
    • Killing the Dragon: Opting to eliminate the injured dragon may have unforeseen consequences, potentially inciting the wrath of other dragons or revealing a hidden twist in the narrative.
    • Reporting the Dragon: If the players decide to report the dragon, they return to the village and inform the village elder or the town council, triggering a series of events that could impact the village’s future.
  4. Establishing Trust and Forming a Bond:

    • If the players choose to help the injured dragon, they will gradually earn its trust through acts of kindness, protection, and nurturing.
    • As trust builds, the dragon may reveal vital information, grant the players a special ability, or even become an ally in future adventures.


  • Helping the dragon: The players establish a unique bond with the dragon, unlocking potential benefits, such as dragon riding, assistance in battles, or access to dragon-related knowledge.
  • Killing the dragon: The players face the consequences of their actions, potentially attracting the ire of other dragons or encountering unexpected challenges related to their decision.
  • Reporting the dragon: The players influence the direction of the village’s future and may receive recognition or rewards from the village leaders. The village elders will have an argument over what should be done with the dragon, kill it or try and tame it. Chief Haldor Ironbeard will offer the deciding vote to the brave warriors that tracked and reported the dragon (i.e. the players).

DM Note:
The session can be adapted based on the players’ choices, ensuring an engaging and dynamic experience that responds to their decisions and shapes the ongoing narrative of the campaign. The overall campaign assumes the players will befriend the dragon and nurse it back to health. If the players derail your game, good luck DM 😉

Skill Checks

Climbing Mountains and Scaling Cliffs

Scaling the cliffs or climbing mountains requires 5 out of 8 successful survival or dexterity checks (DC 15) as well as the proper equipment (rope and pitons). 

Critical Success (20): This counts as 2 successes.

Critical fail (1): This counts as 2 fails.
The character falls. If they are secured by rope, they suffer 1d10 falling damage when they hit the wall of the cliff. 10 points of damage will also cause them to lose a piece of equipment such as a weapon or item tied to the outside of their backpack.

Fail by 10+:  the character loses grip and slides down the face of the cliff suffering 1d6 damage. 6 points of damage will also cause them to send rocks falling on PCs below for 1d4 damage each.

Fail by 5-9:  the character loses grip and lets out an involuntary scream/curse/yell that echos through the valley.

Fail by 1-4: loose rocks fall from above doing 1d6 damage.

If the characters fail 5 or more out of 8 skill checks, they fail the chalenge and suffer a setback. This could be as simple as a level of exhaustion to as complicated as missing a critical encounter.


Forest Exploration

  • As you venture deeper into the dense forest, your senses are overwhelmed by the vibrant tapestry of colors surrounding you. Sunlight filters through the thick foliage, casting a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of greens on the forest floor. The air is filled with the earthy aroma of damp soil and the delicate fragrance of blooming wildflowers. Your fingertips brush against moss-covered tree trunks, each rough and textured, while a gentle breeze caresses your skin, bringing a refreshing coolness on this warm day. In the distance, the faint chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves create a symphony of nature’s harmony.
  • The forest envelops you in a cloak of shadow and mystery as you navigate its ancient pathways. Towering trees stretch towards the sky, their branches interwoven like guardians above. The ground beneath your feet feels soft and yielding, cushioned by a thick carpet of fallen leaves that crackle with each step. The air is thick with the scent of pine needles and the faint aroma of decaying wood, evoking a sense of primal wilderness. Sunlight filters through occasional gaps in the canopy, casting ethereal beams that illuminate patches of vibrant ferns and delicate mushrooms, like fairy realms in this enchanted realm.
  • As you delve into the heart of the dense forest, a symphony of sounds surrounds you. The melody of trickling water reaches your ears, drawing you closer to a hidden stream meandering through the undergrowth. Birds sing harmoniously, their sweet tunes echoing through the trees, while the occasional hoot of an owl breaks the tranquility of the woods. The scent of damp earth lingers in the air, punctuated by the fragrance of wild berries ripe for the picking. Your skin tingles with a mix of warmth and coolness as you move between patches of sunlight and shade, embracing the contrasting temperatures of the forest’s embrace.

Treacherous Encounters

  • The ground beneath your feet becomes an unpredictable tapestry of treacherous terrain as you traverse the volcanic island. Jagged rocks jut out from the forest floor, posing a constant threat to your balance and footing. The air carries a faint scent of sulfur, a reminder of the island’s volcanic nature. The distant rumble of flowing lava can be heard, adding a sense of urgency to your every step. The heat emanating from the ground and the occasional gusts of warm wind remind you of the ever-present danger lurking beneath your feet.
  • The forested terrain gives way to sheer cliffs that drop dramatically into churning rivers below. Your eyes follow the cascading waterfalls as they plunge into deep ravines, creating a spectacle of nature’s raw power. The sound of rushing water fills the air, mingling with the echoes of distant rumblings from within the volcanic depths. The ground feels unstable, with loose rocks and gravel making each step a test of balance. You can taste the metallic tang of mineral-rich mist that clings to your lips, a reminder of the island’s volatile geology.
  • Navigating the treacherous terrain of the volcanic island requires utmost caution. The dense forest gives way to precarious paths lined with sharp, volcanic rocks. The smell of burnt vegetation lingers in the air, remnants of past eruptions. The ground beneath you feels uneven and unstable, occasionally giving way to hidden fissures and unstable soil. The sound of cracking branches and shifting rocks under your feet amplifies your awareness of the inherent dangers. Your skin prickles with a mix of humidity and occasional bursts of scorching heat, a reminder of the island’s fiery origins.

Remnants of a Dragon Attack (alternate descriptions)

  • As you approach the aftermath of the recent dragon attack, the sight before you is both awe-inspiring and haunting. Charred trees stand as skeletal remains, their blackened branches reaching towards a smoke-filled sky. The acrid smell of burnt wood and lingering smoke fills your nostrils, accompanied by the residual heat that emanates from the scorched ground, reminding you of the devastating power of the dragon’s fiery breath.
  • The scene of the recent dragon attack unfolds before your eyes, a scene of destruction and chaos. Crumbled stone structures and shattered wooden beams of a destroyed home bear witness to the immense strength of the dragon’s claws and wings. Thick plumes of smoke still rise from smoldering embers, carrying with them the scent of singed earth and a hint of sulfur. The temperature in the area has noticeably hotter, the air heavy with smoke, creating an uncomfortable environment that serves as a reminder of the havoc wreaked by the dragon.
  • Approaching the aftermath of the dragon attack, you find yourself amidst a landscape of devastation. The once lush and vibrant surroundings now lie in ruin. Piles of smoldering debris emit wisps of smoke, obscuring your vision. The scent of charred wood and burnt foliage hangs in the air, accompanied by an oppressive heat that lingers, making the area feel stifling and uncomfortable. The remnants of the dragon’s rampage serve as a stark reminder of the power it possesses and the danger that awaits those who dare to challenge it.

Remnants of a Dragon Attack

Venture deeper into the dense forest than you have ever been before, following the faint sound of distressed growls and labored breathing, you stumble upon a hidden grove bathed in dappled sunlight. There, nestled amidst a bed of moss, broken tree limbs, and fallen leaves, lies the majestic and badly wounded dragon. Its once vibrant scales are now dulled and marred, a testament to the recent battle it endured.

The dragon’s immense size and power fill the grove. You feel a mix of fear and fascination. Its eyes, once gleaming with ferocity, now stare at you with a mix of fear and desperation. In its weakened state it struggles to raise its head in a a silent plea for aid.

The air is heavy with a mix of anticipation and tension. The sound of its labored breaths echoes through the grove, mingling with the rustling leaves and the distant calls of forest creatures. You can almost taste the charged atmosphere, the blend of fear and curiosity dancing upon your skin, goosebumps rising as approach closer.

As you stand before the wounded dragon, you feel a surge of conflicting emotions. A deep respect for its majestic presence intertwines with a primal instinct to protect yourselves. Yet, a glimmer of empathy and compassion rises within you, prompting a decision that may shape your destiny.


See Session 1 for all dragon stats.

Random Forest Encounters

Roll 1d6 twice per day of travel. On a 6, the party encounters a band of bounty hunters. If the party is traveling with Rose Red, they will encounter bounty hunters on a 5 or a 6.

How to use this table: Roll 1d6 and add the total character levels -1. So 1 first level character could get anywhere from 1 to 6 while a party of five 5th level characters would get between 25 and 31. 

RollCreatureHPAvg Damage
6Awakened Shrub102
7Tribal warrior115
8Blink Dog224
10Blood Hawk74
11Giant Owl198
12Giant Wasp135
15Bone naga5810
16Goblins(2d6) 14 to 8410 to 60
19Swarm of Ravens247
21Giant Badger1310
22Needle blight116
23Constrictor Snake136
25Giant Wolf Spider1113
27Brown Bear3419
29Raiding Party(5+1d10) Warriors 55-16525-50
30Tigers(1d4) 37 – 1488 to 32
31Giant Centipede Nest(4+1d4) 16 to 3256 to 112
32Pegasus (2)11822
33Gobin Warband(6+1d6) 42 to 8435 to 80
34Giant Ape15744
35Young Green Dragon13642
36Hobbobin Warband(6+1d6) 66 to 13230 to 60
39Flesh Golem9313


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