D&D Homebrew Items: Ring of Wishes (Cursed)

DMingDad cursed magic item: Ring of Wishes

Rare Item, requires attunement.

This ring of wishes does not use charges, it is powered by the life force of the user. The act of casting the first wish attunes this ring to the user, bonding it to the user for life. Only a wish spell or the character's death can remove the ring. If the character loses a hand or finger on which they are wearing the ring, it will magically appear on another finger, toe, wrist, ankle or neck, in that order.

This ring of wishes acts like the 9th level wizard spell Wish in all respects except it requires no components. Instead, upon using the ring to cast a wish the caster will age by 5% to 25% of their character's racial lifespan and suffer 1 level of exhaustion as the ring draws life from them to power the spell. No form of magic will prevent, cure or remove these effects.

The use of an identify spell cast at 5th level will divulge the complete details of how this ring works. Any lower level identify spell will only reveal that it is a Ring of Wishes with 1 charge.

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