Homebrew Items: Bow of Restoration

This bow was crafted by the Elven cleric Fayorlorn for his brother Castiver. Fayorlorn detested war and bid his brother to bring light to the darkness and final peace to the undead hordes invading their homeland. The bow is ornately carved with vines, leaves and elven script.

Legends of the bow spread throughout the Elven kingdom and Fayorlon was commissioned by the Elven king Aired to make a dozen more of the bows for his personal bodyguard. Since his death, the bows have been handed down to the descendants of the kingsguard. Only a handful of the bows are still known to exist.

The bow magically grows one arrow per day. No more than 24 arrows will exist at one time. Arrows will magically transform into a sapling, ready for planting on the 25th day. Only arrows grown by the bow can be fired from the bow.

A living creature hit with the bow’s arrows fired from this bow regain 1d8 + your Dexterity modifier hit points. The bow’s arrows are considered magic weapons and do 1d8 + your Dexterity modifier damage to undead and constructs. The arrows have no effect on the dead.

The bow’s arrows are consumed by their magic upon impact, erupting in a green flash and leave small flowering vines that can be easily plucked from the wound without harm.

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