Homebrew Items: Bow of Bunnies

Crafted by the mad artificer Boragard, this bow is coated in a soft downy fur. Once per day, the bow can be used to fire an arrow of polymorph. Any creature struck by the arrow is polymorphed into a giant rabbit.

An unwilling creature must make a Wisdom saving throw to avoid the effect. The spell has no effect on a shapechanger or a creature with 0 hit points. The transformation lasts for one hour, or until the target drops to 0 hit points or dies.

The target’s game statistics, including mental ability scores, are replaced by the statistics of the giant rabbit. It retains its alignment and personality. The target assumes the hit points of its new form. When it reverts to its normal form, the creature returns to the number of hit points it had before it transformed. If it reverts as a result of dropping to 0 hit points, any excess damage carries over to its normal form. As long as the excess damage doesn’t reduce the creature’s normal form to 0 hit points, it isn’t knocked unconscious.

The creature is limited in the actions it can perform by the nature of its new form, and it can’t speak, cast spells, or take any other action that requires hands or speech. The target’s gear melds into the new form. The creature can’t activate, use, wield, or otherwise be affected by any of its equipment.

Normal arrows fired from this bow become +1 magic arrows.

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