Homebrew Items: Boomerang Pouch

This sturdy leather pouch has an arcane symbol inscribed in the flap. As you draw items from it, arcs of magical energy flicker between the inside the bag and the item, causing them to glow with magical energy until the end of the character’s turn.

The pouch can hold up to 20 light, thrown weapons. When a weapon is removed from the pouch and thrown in the same turn, it gains the benefits shown below until the end of the character’s turn. This pouch does not affect magical weapons in any way.

  • Thrown weapons gain a +1 to hit OR damage. The bonus must be chosen by the player as the character pulls the weapon from the pouch.
  • Thrown weapons return to the pouch unless they are damaged or destroyed.
  • The bag acts as a normal pouch for all objects that are not thrown weapons.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://dnd-wiki.org/wiki/Enchanted_Pouch_(3.5e_Equipment)

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