Bottomless Bag of Food

Homebrew Magic Item: bottomless bag of food

This item appears as a simple brown paper bag, lunch box, leather pouch, or container of similar design. The Bottomless bag of food can produce enough food to feed 10 people 3 meals per day. The type and quality of food vary based on the rarity of the item.

Bottomless Bag of Cheese & Bread (common) – This bag is filled with freshly baked bread and blocks of hard cheese.

Bottomless Bag of Sandwiches (uncommon) – Simple sandwiches of bread, meat (any single deli variety), and sliced cheese. The bag always produces the same type of meat and cheese (i.e. Bottomless Bag of Ham & Swiss Cheese sandwiches)

Bottomless Bag of Dagwoods (rare) – Artisan sandwiches of bread (choice of 5 kinds), meat (any deli variety), any type of common sliced cheese, and any combination of toppings & condiments. A player speaks their order into the bag, reaches in, and finds the sandwich inside.

Bottomless Bag of Stake & Lobster (very rare) – Cooked-to-order steak and butter-coated lobster tails can be pulled from this bag on demand.

Bottomless Bag of Groceries (legendary) – Characters must write a grocery list and drop it in the bag. Within 10 minutes the food items will be in the bag. The bag can only provide raw food items found in a well-stocked grocery store.

No plates, silverware, or any other non-organic materials are produced by the bag.

The bag does not produce liquids, oils, drinks, or powders of any kind that require a bottle or other non-organic container.

Non-living organic items (meat/plants) left in the bag are preserved indefinitely by the magic of the bag. When the bag produces new food items, the oldest items in the bag are pushed to the top of the bag.

The bag is not an extra-dimensional space. If more food is produced than would fit in the bag, it will tip over and spill its contents. Turning a Bottomless Bag of Food inside out will prevent it from producing food.

Damaging & Repairing A Bottomless Bag of Food:
The item is typically made of leather or heavy-duty canvas. Any damage to the bag that causes a hole or tears larger than 2 inches destroys the magic. A bag with a hole smaller than 2 inches can be mended with the mending cantrip or by a wizard with proficiency in leather working. The bag is fire resistant and will not catch fire unless subjected to sustained normal fire or magical fire damage directly targeting the bag. The bag gets a +3 for saving throws against dispelling magics cast directly on it. Anit-magic fields will cause it to temporarily stop working.

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