Looking for Gift Giving Ideas?

From birthdays to Christmas, we get asked for gift ideas, so we thought it would be a good idea to create a wish list for each member of the family. We try to keep them up to date, but feel free to check in with us if you are not sure about anything on the list.

Liam's Wish List

Liam is still obsessed with D&D. I can’t imagine where he gets that. He is still very interested in video games, and Minecraft too. 

Laura's Wish List

Laura would LOVE to get a bunch of pretty D&D Dice, or even better, dice making supplies! The one thing she really needs to get started making custom dice at home is the pressure pot and compressor to go with it. It is pricy, but it is like dozens of presents in one for the whole family because she would be making dice for everyone.

Leah's Wish List

Robert's Wish List

Rob has recently started a D&D campaign to introduce the kids to his favorite past-time. He still loves photography, videography and he wants to get into knife making as a hobby. As always collectables like Magic The Gathering cards and comic books are more than welcome.