Pradler College of Magic
at the Alistria University of Adventuring

Every wizard needs a place to study. On Pereta, that place is the Pradler College of Magic. Established by Broadrell Pradler, the college is open to all who show an interest or talent for magic. Students may study for free up to 5th level, after which they must either pay tuition or work for the college. Characters have full access to the extensive library and can study under any of the distinguished teachers. At 10th level, characters are considered graduates and must apply to stay on at the college as graduate students and are expected to perform the duties of associate professor. Graduates of the college may return to campus to perform research, consult with faculty or just hang out with the students. 

Work Study At a College of Magic

Who doesn’t need a wizard, warlock or sorcerer to handle the day-to-day magical chores. From refreshing castle wards to using divination to answer some of those more interesting questions, students learn magic and earn their keep by applying their skills wherever is needed most. Some students are asked to run errands to distant lands, delivering or retrieving important documents or magical items. Others may be asked to undertake dangerous missions in far off lands. For those few that possess the patience and skill, there is always a backlog of requests to enchant items, recharge enchanted items, identify the magical properties of mysterious, and sometimes very mundane items.

The magical job board is always a great place to find a job, offer your services, post items for sale and leave messages.

Magic for Sale and Trade

Ever wonder where to buy a ring of spell storing? Do you have a magical greataxe weighing down your backpack? Need to make a few extra gold during your downtime? The Pradler College of Magic can help. 

On the week of the blue moon, the college hosts a magic market. Regular vendors offer a wide selection of common magic items, scrolls and potions. Students showcase their skills and wares. Occasionally, a rare treasure will be found here as well. Stall space is available for small price.

Be warned, cheaters, thieves and the like are dealt with very severely.

The college maintains a modest store where you can find spell components, specialty inks, blank spell books and other bits and bobs you might need.

Mind the Manticore, He Bites

The Pradler College of Magic resides in a pocket dimension, the entrance to which is guarded by Manny the Manticore. Unlike many of his kind, Manny is quite civilized and considers himself a vegetarian. That is to say, he only eats meat from non-intelligent sources, unless you make him very angry.

Manny is particularly fond of giant rabbits, not for eating though. Manny breeds and trades them with other breeders. Occasionally, you may see a sign advertising giant rabbits for sale at the magic market. 

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