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Our “grown-ups” campaign session 0 will be on Saturday May 25th at 1:00pm. 

Saturday, May 11th – Campaign Diary

Pure Wonder and the motley crew of the Flying Dutchman continued their exploration of the Pharaoh’s Pyramid. Leokul, Dire, Lilith, Ogbog and Pure managed to make short work of the bandits that ambushed them in the temple, sending them into full retreat. Trusting their platoon of Samurai on loan from the King of Sudro to handle the retreating bandits, the party pushed deeper into the tomb.

Ogbog discovered a hidden alcove in the temple, which contained valuable gold and silver statues of several egyptian gods. Packing away the statues, the party entered the main tomb. Ogbog leading the way, he triggered a dart trap and took heavy damage. The other members of the party managed to drag him back out of the room and apply some healing magic. With a little testing, the characters realized that the trap reset, but ran out of darts after Dire and Leokul took minor damage.

Exploring the tomb, the characters discovered the bodies of three tomb robbers (previous adventuring party). Ogbog used speak with dead and questioned one of the dead characters about the tomb and it’s traps. The party relieved the dead adventurers of their plundered treasure and continued to explore the tomb. 

Entering the final chamber of the tomb the party came face to face with three bone naga guardians. After battling the nagas for a couple of rounds, Pure called on Ogbog to use his turn undead ability. The party is able to salvage the sarcophagus by pushing it into a portable hole while Ogbog kept the nagas at bay. 

The party retreated from the tomb to the temple, leaving the nagas to guard the now empty tomb.

Sunday, April 28th – Campaign Diary

Pure Wonder and the motley crew of the Flying Dutchman continued their exploration of the Pharaoh’s Pyramid on behalf of the King of Sudro and Headmaster Broadrell Pradler. Tribes of Bedouin are battling for control of the newly restored magical spring that has returned water to the desert. A company of Sudro’s Samurai warriors sent with the party managed to take control of the temple that serves as the only entrance to the pyramid as well as the grounds surrounding the magic spring that feeds the river. 

Meanwhile, the group of bandits that previously invaded the temple are in a race with the players to find the tomb and treasure hidden within.

Seperated from the rest of the party, Leokul and Dire managed to defeat and subdue a group doppelgangers in the maze below the temple. While negotiating with the doppelgnagers, the party was attacked by a group of wondering zombies. During the melee, the doppelgangers managed to escape into the maze. Leokul and Dire gave chase, but were unable to catch them. 

The two returned to the temple above using the rope that was lowered through the magical doorway from the offering chamber above. Rejoining the party they brief Pure Wonder and Lilith Higheth on their encounters in the maze below. Pure and Lilith fill them in on what they’ve been up to as well. 

With the Magical Acquisition and Containment team still two days away, the party decided to continue their exploration of the pyramid in search of missing Samurai they were sent to explore ahead of them.

Upon entering the pyramid, the party discovers signs of a recent battle just before they were ambushed by a large group of bandits. Pure Wonder and Lilith Higheth use their burning hands spells to dispatch half of the bandits in quick order. Leokul and Dire kill a couple of bandits in melee combat. Dire chased an escaping bandit down a narrow corridor only to run back into the room moments later, a party of incoming enemies close on his heals. As the party listened, they realized that they could hear boots running from both corridors entering the chamber.

As Leokul and Dire use their bows hold back the bandits coming down the narrow hall on their side of the temple, Pure and Lilith use a coordinated attack. Pure cast web down the hall entangling eight of the bandits and clogging the narrow hall with thick webbing. Lilith moved up and cast burning hands using spell sniper and twin spell incinerating the bandits.

The session had to stop there…See you next game!

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