PseudoDragon Roundup

This adventure is intended for up to 4 characters of 1st to 4th level. This adventure relies heavily on exploration and role-playing with major combat at the finally. This is a wilderness survival adventure with a race/chase to save the pseudodragon mating grounds from poachers. Numerous random encounters are available for additional combat, survival hurdles, and role-playing opportunities.

Adventure Hook

While traveling through a forested elven kingdom, the party encounters a hunting party of four human rangers (see NPC appendix below). The rangers are on their way to hunt PseduoDragons

Party Goals

Any good aligned party member, elf or spellcaster will immediately know that hunting pseudodragons is a very bad idea. The tiny dragons are good aligned, intelligent and loved by many races and classes.  Any one of the creatures is very capable of defending itself. If the hunting party is correct, and there are hundreds of pseduodragons in the same place for breeding, it will be exceedingly dangerous. Beyond their own defences, pseudodragons are protected by the elves. Harming them would anger the local elves and likely result in the hunters becoming the hunted. 

The party must decide how they are going to stop the hunting party and protect the pseudodragons. 

If the party attempts to deceive the hunters and join their group, Wood Elves (random encounters below) will see them as enemies and attack them. Otherwise, the party will be welcomed as friends by the elves. The Wood Elves will seek the aid of the party in stopping the hunters at any cost. 

Hunting Party

The hunting party is very familiar with these woods. In the event that they are attacked, the party will split up and retreat into the forest. They will use their wilderness survival skills and ranger magic to elude any pursuers. The hunters have four planned waypoints/campsites for their journey. In the event they are separated, their plan is to make their way to the next waypoint and wait for their companions.

The hunters plan to use nets to ensnare groups of breeding pseudodragons. They also brought heavy leather gloves to protect themselves from the dragons’ poisonous stingers.

It is pseduodragon breeding season and the hunters are hoping to bag at least 50 adult males. The hunters intend to kill and sell the pseudodragons to various buyers. A drow-elf tanner wants the hides to make a Cloak of Elvenkind, the Mages Guild in a nearby city has promised to purchase the skulls, horns & claws and an alchemist has made a handsome offer for the venom. The hunting party claims it will be the hunt of a lifetime and they expect to collect over 50K gold from their various sales.

The NPCs provided below are 2nd-level Rangers; however, feel free to raise the levels as needed to provide a challenge to your PCs.

About PseudoDragons

The PseudoDragon is a good aligned tiny dragon with a mischievous personality. They are generally playful and love to play pranks. These intelligent miniature dragons communicate telepathically. In fact, the pseudodragon can magically communicate simple ideas, emotions, and images telepathically with any creature within 100 ft. of it that can understand a language. 

PseudoDragons often seek out human or elven companions and will build strong, life-long friendships with their companions. They are also sought out by spellcasters as a familiar due to their magic resistance, intelligence and strong telepathic bond.  

PseudoDragons are more common in elven forest due to the close relationship that the two share. The long-lived elves will often raise and breed PseudoDragons, creating protected enclaves for them. When the PseudoDragons die, the warden will collect the body and, if it is in good condition, tan the hide.

The Elven Forest

This forest spans thousands of square miles and is home to several wood elf villages. Most elves dwell in small forest villages hidden among the trees. Although they can be haughty, the elves are generally gracious even to those who fall short of their high expectations—which is most non-elves. Still, they can find good in just about anyone.

The rangers are traveling deep in the forest in search of a protected glade, which is rumoured to be breeding grounds of the PseudoDragons. The glade is protected by natural barriers, magic and a warden. The glade is a 4 day trek from where the PC’s first encounter the NPCs.

The forest is home to all manner of forest dwelling creatures. See the random encounters appendix.

The Wood Elves have cultivated many edible plants and funguses throughout the area, so survival checks for foraging should be given advantage.

The protected glad is ringed by mountains and can only be accessed by flight or a cave, which serves as a drain for the glade. Depending on weather conditions, the cave may be dry or filled with fast running water, which would require many dexterity checks to navigate safely.

Appendix: NPCs

Appendix: Random Encounters

1D20QtyNameAward XP EachTotal Award XP
1-51d10Elven warriors250 
65Giant Poisonous Snake50250
95Giant Centipede50450
154Giant Rats25100
202Brown Bear600600

All creatures are also taken from the basic rules and/or Monster Manual.

Appendix: Maps

Below you will find links to various sources for maps that could be used for this adventure. Feel free to make your own maps or integrate this adventure into your own homebrew setting.

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  1. I run an aftercare program at an Elementary school, and we have been learning the fundamentals of DnD together. Last year, we gave The Lost Mines of Phandelver a shot, but that adventure was a bit to long and complicated for the age group. Something like this is exactly what we need, and I can’t wait to try it!! Thanks so much for putting this together, the kids are going to loooove it.

  2. I’m about to GM this for my kids and husband. I think they’re going to love the premise of this campaign. They love dragons and I’m excited to throw in some math at their levels so that they do homework without even knowing it!

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