How to Tame A Dragon: An Isle of Derrik Adventure

Let’s see if we can use the movie How to Train Your Dragon to create a D&D campaign. We are going to use this as a way to learn how to use your kids favorite TV shows and movies to create a game where they get to be part of the show. This is both educational and parody, but I am going to change the names enough to keep out of trouble with the copyright police.

How to Train Your Dragon Plot Summary

“How to Train Your Dragon” is an animated film produced by DreamWorks Animation, released in 2010, based on the book of the same name by Cressida Cowell. The movie follows the story of a young Viking boy named Hiccup who wants to become a dragon slayer but eventually befriends a dragon and tries to prevent a war between the dragons and the Viking tribe. The major plot points of the movie are as follows:

  • The story is set on the island of Berk, where the Vikings are constantly at war with dragons that raid their village and steal their livestock.
  • Hiccup, the protagonist, is the son of the Viking chief, Stoick the Vast, who is disappointed in his son’s inability to fight dragons.
  • In an attempt to prove himself, Hiccup creates a device that can shoot down dragons, and he successfully shoots down a rare dragon known as a Night Fury.
  • Hiccup finds the Night Fury and tries to kill it, but he can’t bring himself to do it and instead releases it.
  • Hiccup returns to the dragon and befriends it, naming it Toothless, and learns that the dragons are not the mindless beasts that the Vikings think they are.
  • Hiccup begins to bond with Toothless and learns about dragon behavior, including how to train them and fly them.
  • As Hiccup and Toothless’s bond deepens, Hiccup becomes torn between his loyalty to Toothless and his loyalty to his Viking tribe.
  • Hiccup eventually discovers that the Viking’s enemy, a giant dragon called the Red Death, is using the dragons to raid the Viking village and collect food for itself.
  • Hiccup and his friends use their dragon training knowledge to lead an attack on the Red Death, using their dragons as weapons and mounts.
  • Hiccup and Toothless fight together against the Red Death, and in the end, they are able to defeat it and bring peace between the dragons and the Vikings.

Overall, “How to Train Your Dragon” is a heartwarming story about a young boy who learns to see past his culture’s fear and prejudice and instead find understanding and compassion for the creatures he once sought to destroy.

Planning the D&D Adventure

Let’s start with a broad outline of the adventure…

Campaign Setting: The Isle of Derrik, a small island in a vast sea, inhabited by Vikings and a variety of dragons.

Some Important NPCs:
Haldor Ironbeard, Chief

Level Range: 1-5

Number of Sessions: 4-8

Campaign Overview:
In the “How to Tame A Dragon: The Isle of Derrik Adventure” campaign, players  embark on an exciting journey in the mystical world of Vikings and dragons. As young adventurers from the village of Derrik, they will learn to tame and bond with dragons, protect their village from external threats, and ultimately help establish lasting peace between humans and dragons.

Session 1: The Dragon Raid

  1. Introduce the Isle of Derrik, the town of Derrikian, its inhabitants, and the constant dragon raids.
  2. Players create their characters: young Viking trainees with unique skills and backgrounds.
  3. Start with a dragon raid event where players need to help protect the village.
  4. End the session with the village chief announcing a dragon hunt.

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Session 2: Hunting The Dragon

  1. The players begin their dragon hunt exploring the isle of Derrik after the most recent dragon raid.
  2. The party stumbles upon an injured dragon hidden in the forest.
  3. The players need to decide whether to help the injured dragon, kill it or report it to the village.
  4. If they help the dragon, they’ll learn how to establish trust and form a bond with it.

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Session 3: The Dragon Whisperers

  1. The players continue visiting the injured dragon and discover how to tame and bond with it.
  2. Encourage role-playing and skill checks as players develop relationships with the dragon.
  3. A dangerous and aggressive dragon attacks the village, forcing the players to come up with a plan to protect their people.
  4. The village chief recognizes their talents and asks the party to explore the source of the dragon attacks.

Session 4: The Dragon’s Nest

  1. Players venture to the dragon’s nest, discovering a sinister threat controlling the dragons (e.g., an evil dragon, sorcerer, or magical artifact).
  2. The party must devise a strategy to defeat the threat and free the dragons from its control.
  3. With their dragon’s help, the players face the final confrontation against the enemy.
  4. After the victory, the players return to Derrikian as heroes, having established peace between humans and dragons.

Throughout the campaign, encourage creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork among the young players. Adapt the story as needed to fit the interests and needs of the children, while maintaining the core themes of friendship, courage, and understanding.


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