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Making the Most of What You’ve Got UPDATED: 05/30/2019 There are literally thousands of sites that will give you free stuff to help you play. Below are a few of my favorites. – This is a very easy to use site that allows you to create, download, print and

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Words! What Are All These Words!?

An Introduction to Dungeons & Dragons Terms​ We’ve all been there. Hopelessly lost in jargon wishing someone would just speak English for a change. This is a few of the Dungeons & Dragons terms that seem to be most confusing to new players. Ability Scores In Dungeons & Dragons, characters

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Playing D&D With Kids​ Most kids will jump at the opportunity to “play pretend” with their parents, siblings and friends. Dungeons and Dragons provides a framework, a ready made world a lot of fuel for the imagination. The challenge for both parents and children are the huge volumes filled with

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Custom D&D Character & Art Pack

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