Month: April 2019

Almiraj – D&D’s Bunnycorn

Al-mi’raj (AKA Bunnycorn) The following is collected from numerous official and less than official sources and topped with a little DMingDad homebrew spice. Enjoy. The

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D&D Easter Adventure

A Dungeons & Dragons Easter Adventure A family-friendly D&D adventure for characters of 1st to 5th level This is an adventure suitable for any level

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Magic Items in D&D 5e

Magic Items in Dungeons & Dragons​ One of the most enjoyable moments in playing Dungeons & Dragons is when a player character receives a magical

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Troll Bridge

Family Friendly D&D Adventure: Troll Bridge Based on the old fairytale, this adventure turns an old story trope on its head. This adventure can be

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Looking for a Great Easter Themed Adventure?

Your characters are awakened by the innkeeper pounding on the door at the break of dawn. First thing this morning, excited farmers began arriving at the inn with tales of an egg stealing bunnycorn.

Are you willing to help track down this egg theif? 

Almiraj dungeons and dragons bunny unicon